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    Welcome to visit Shenzhen DCW Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

    Body Worn Camera,Police camera,Body worn cameraDSJ-D4-T-HD9206-T

    DSJ-D4 is a lightweight, full-featured, single-force law enforcement video and audio recorder under the Dachengwei brand.D4 uses industrial-grade CMOS light sensor, light sensitive, high color reproduction, the image effect is closer to the real image, can clearly record the details of the scene, and provide the most efficient evidence support for various types of scene records. D4 has a solemn and simple appearance, which is more suitable for the authoritative and fair identity of law enforcement officers. In the well-known film and television drama "Icebreaking Action", the law enforcement cameras equipped by police officers are D4 law enforcement recorders.

    D4 adopts the new Industry 4.0 design concept and intensive adjustments to the product structure. The body is flatter, smaller, thinner, no sense of weight, has strong stability, and is more conducive to long-term outdoor law enforcement operations. The shell is made of industrial grade ABS synthetic plastic and cushion type anti falling design. It has built a strong resistance, compact and high-density fuselage, which can ensure that the 2.5-meter drop at any angle is not damaged, and is competent for all kinds of field records of sudden realization.

    Product display









    DSJ-D4-T Technical Parameters

    System  Functions

    Main Project

    Mstar  AIT8328 chip

    Camera  Angle


    Storage capacity


    Digital zoom

    16x (focus on the camera interface)

    Compatible system

    Windows(98/2000/ME/XP/7/8/10),Note: Win 8/10 needs to be set to disable digital signature

    Display size

    2 inch LCD full HD display, diagonal ≥ 51mm

    Overlay watermark


    Native playback

    Support (on-site playback of video/photo/audio files)

    One-click playback

    Support (one-click playback of the latest recording file)

    Segmented video

    Support (multiple time-segmented video can be set)

    Key tag

    Support (one-click mark highlight video during video capture)

    Password protection

    Support (software password protection, tamper-proof, anti-delete)

    Log function

    Support (files are attached with time, product number, user number, etc.)

    Car mode

    Support (can be equipped with a dedicated car suction cup for driving recorder)


     Support (long press the menu button to activate the alarm sound and alarm flash)

    Illuminatable lamp

    Support (can be used as lighting and fill light at night)

    Video Function

    Video format


    Video resolution

    1920x1080 30P  

    1280x720 30P    

    848X480 30P

    Video function

    One-click recording (in the off state, directly press the "Record" key to enter the recording state)

    Loop recording

    Support (when the memory is full, the system will automatically delete the last recorded segment and continue recording)

    Video capture


    Fast forward

    Support 2-8 times fast forward and rewind

    Camera Function

    Photo forma


    Photographing pixels

    30M (6400x4800)  






    Exposure mode




    Recording format


    One-button recording

    Supports separate recording, dual microphone noise reduction


    Infrared  night vision

    4 meters to see the human face, 8 meters to see the human contour

    Infrared switching

    Manual / automatic switching


    Battery capacity

     Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery

    Charging time

    ≦4 hours

    Recording time

    8 hours recording with one full charge

    Structure Appearance


    140g+15g(host + back clip)

    Appearance size


    Protection level


    Anti-drop rating


    Working environment temperature





    Accessories Standard

    Main unit, back clip, long shoulder clip, charger, data cable, CD, manual, certificate, packing box





    Shenzhen Dachengwei Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd was found in 2012, which is specializing in video products of body worn camera, body camera docking station, DVR, in-car video system for Police and civilian. We located in Shenzhen Longgang area. We are one of the earliest manufacture, as a wholesaler, for the developing, producing, testing, and selling of the body worn camera.


    We have more than 100 workers, 20 engineers, 8 salesmen, and the production ability are 10,000 set body worn cameras per month. Main order is OEM. Taking 1/3 Chinese body worn camera market share, at least 20,000 set offered to overseas market every year since 2014. We have more than 100 kinds of body worn camera covers according to different actual demand.


    We pay more attention to the quality under ISO9001 and had get relative certification of CCC, CE, FCC, ROHS etc.

    Looking forward to finding good partners to enjoy the market together.






    Contact us


    Address: 1-3F ,No. 407, HedongCun,Hengkeng, Guancheng Community, Guanhu Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City,Guangdong,China

    Email:ivan@c4.com.hk , supports@dachengwei.com

    Brief introduction: our company was founded in 2012, the registered capital 10million RMB.

    Contact person: Ivan

    Tel: 4008 799 751 , +86 13143802412 , +852 96220051

    Wechat: +86 13143802412

    Whatsapp:+852 96220051

    Skype: +852 96220051

    Websites: www.51ghd.com

    Alibaba website: Click Me or https://dachengwei.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.icbuShop.88.12.7a6f534csHWRWQ

    Our company video(including factory vlog), click there




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    Contact us
    Telephone: 0755-89501722
    Email: supports@dachengwei.com
    Address: Bantian City, Longgang District, snow on the technology of
    No. ten East Park, Kant's Industrial Park, building H, building No. 6
    URL: www.51ghd.com
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