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      Law enforcement recorder/body worn camera is an effective means to rises lawfully administrative ability

      Law enforcement recorder is an important tool to regulate the law enforcement, and civilize law enforcement, It is also an effective means to create a fair law enforcement environment . Local industrial and commercial authorities organs should combine with the typical case to make the front-line law enforcement officers sensitive about their own interests, It can also help them to avoid disputes and illegal behavior, improve the awareness of using enforcement recorders.
             It is necessary to improve the system of using law enforcement recorder according to the actual work, especially combine with the law enforcement recorder for details of problems in their daily activities. It can also improve law enforcement procedures, standardize the handling process, provide an institutional guarantee for the norms of law enforcement.
          It can supervise the law enforcement officer ,It can not only improve the level of law enforcement , but also frighten some offenders effectively,which is also a protection of law enforcement, It is a escort role of law enforcement.

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