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      Denmark releases a kind of earphone with positioning technology

      Abstract: Mono- Bluetooth technology of Jabra Danish has been a global leader . Jabra Danish has launched a new mono Bluetooth -Jabra Mini in 2014 , the headset has Bluetooth 4.0 technology,with compact appearance and positioning technology,It will not lost forever!

           Chinese international police equipment network: mono Bluetooth Jabra Denmark has been a global leader in the 2014 initial Danish ,Jabra  launched a new mono Bluetooth headset Jabra Mini, the headset with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, compact appearance, and can use the satellite positioning position from the headset, the headset is no longer lost!
      A reasonable design of headphones.
        Jabra Mini Bluetooth headset set with high quality and ease of using in a body, is also a wise choice of entry-level users. The headset compact design does not limit its function.

      you can also control the volume.


      High quality and comfortable  

      The design of Jabra Mini can meet hands-free worn all day to provide options - two wearing styles through the ear or ear hook - so you won't  feel uncomfortable and give up wearing. This also means that you can use the Jabra Mini relaxed and carefree .

        Intelligent headset more tend to be "always on" state, the frequent application receives updates and information. This caused the battery quickly. Extended battery life give it a good sleep function, long lasting battery, the Jabra Mini has sleep function that can automatically extend its battery life time. The headset will automatically shut off and disconnect your device in a full hour. If you want to wake up your Jabra  Mini, just press the end button can easily continue to using it.


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