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    2. Welcome to visit Shenzhen DCW Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

      Plastic shoulder lamp PJ-A03

      Special law enforcement recorder: wear shoulder shoulder lamp lights in the traffic police on the shoulder, also applies to people court, highways, urban management, high speed, sanitation, security personnel on duty, outdoor activities such as shoulder, wear flat wear and vertical wear, shoulder type flash, let people walk back and forth and vehicles can be see the red and blue flashing lights, to protect the personal safety of the staff on duty. High power LED lamp on the police shoulder lamp to achieve the flash function through the switch. The utility model has the advantages of small size, light weight, good waterproof performance, stable and reliable performance, long continuous flash time and convenient carrying. Traffic police and other law enforcement officers to wear on the road at night, both to remind drivers to comply with traffic rules at a distance, but also effectively protect the safety of the police on duty. Police on duty shoulder lights can be caught in the law enforcement officers or badges on the chest, open at night after a flashing light, which can remotely remind drivers to comply with traffic rules, police shoulder light weight, small size, can be easily buckled on the uniforms badges, excellent waterproof performance, can emit red and blue flash frequency in 9 night hours, more than 200 meters within the naked eye can see, have a strong warning to the driver of the passing vehicles, expanding the scope of early warning, effectively deter illegal traffic. At the same time, police on duty shoulder lamp can instantly switch to the flashlight mode, light source is the gaze direction, no need for auxiliary lighting, improve night see alarm rate and strengthen the criminal deterrence, to maximize the protection of the police and the daily duty of safety protection, the masses for night travel adds a peace of mind.

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