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    2. Welcome to visit Shenzhen DCW Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

      Body Camera- DSJ-D11

      E: law enforcement professional pen law enforcement instrument DSJ-D11 overall appearance belongs to China style, first glance may feel slightly longer, but I can feel in the hands of this size is very suitable for holding, and because the pen type enforcement instrument made of engineering plastics, the body is very light, in a bag or pocket are almost not increase the weight feeling!

      Product display

      Pen camera low price with night vision WIFI mini hidden pen camera
      •  Products characteristics
      • the products runs reliably with industrial-grade CMOS sensor and low power consumption. the effect of image is more outstanding.
      • 130degree widen-lens,a wider field of view.the use of fish-eye correction technology to prevent image distortion effectively.
      • recording pen models,compact body,light weight,flexible keys.
      • Industrial grade plastic and structual design,bare machine can afford 2.0m free fall,the machine and data will not be damaged,shell is flame retardant.
      • 2000mAh large cycle-charging lithium battery, can be recorded continuously for 4 hours.


      chipset AIT
      field of view 130°
      storage capacity built-in 16G/32G/64G/128G
      Digital zoom 16X
      operating system Windows(98/2000ME/XP/7/8/10)
      display screen 1.5 inch fhd screen
      watermark support
      camera resolution 2304*1296 30P 1920*1080 30P 1280*720 30P/60P
      photo format JPEG
      image pixel 200M
      audio format WAV
      IR distance 10m
      battery capacity 2000mAh cycle rechargeable lithium battery
      battery life 4hrs
      charging time ≤4hrs
      size 140*20*35
      weight 108g
      remote control watch control distance up to 5m,2000mAh battery


      Contact us


      Address: 1-3F ,No. 407, HedongCun,Hengkeng, Guancheng Community, Guanhu Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City,Guangdong,China

      Email:ivan@c4.com.hk , supports@dachengwei.com

      Brief introduction: our company was founded in 2012, the registered capital 10million RMB.

      Contact person: Ivan

      Tel: 4008 799 751 , +86 13143802412 , +852 96220051

      Wechat: +86 13143802412

      Whatsapp:+852 96220051

      Skype: +852 96220051

      Websites: www.51ghd.com

      Alibaba website: Click Me or https://dachengwei.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.icbuShop.88.12.7a6f534csHWRWQ

      Our company video(including factory vlog), click there



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      Telephone: 0755-89501722
      Email: supports@dachengwei.com
      Address: Bantian City, Longgang District, snow on the technology of
      No. ten East Park, Kant's Industrial Park, building H, building No. 6
      URL: www.51ghd.com
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