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    2. Welcome to visit Shenzhen DCW Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

      After-sale service

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      Our company do the following solemn commitment about the after-sales service:
        In the product warranty period, we will bear the risk of equipment ; unless the irresistible damage of nature disasters, we will take the responsibility of the damage equipment replacement; if the product belongs to the shelf life, our sales staff will make a return visit every month. All the arrangements put customer first, include customer products, systems’ services, auditing, implementation, evaluation and after-sales service activities and so on. We put the interests of customers in the first, thinking on your side, try our best to meet customer’ demand.

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      Telephone: 0755-89501722
      Email: supports@dachengwei.com
      Address: Bantian City, Longgang District, snow on the technology of
      No. ten East Park, Kant's Industrial Park, building H, building No. 6
      URL: www.51ghd.com
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