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    2. Welcome to visit Shenzhen DCW Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

      corporate culture

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      Enterprise Culture

      Enterprise core culture: mutual development, share the achievements, create great future together

      Enterprises grows together with employees to realize employees' dreams in career,self-affirmation and go  beyond themselves;

      Enterprises grows together with customers, and  share the joy of appreciation in asset value with customers--to create value for customers;

      Enterprises grows together with society to promote national economic development,to revitalize national science and technology ----to create benefits for the society.

      Enterprise spirit: innovation, pragmatic, dedicated, efficient,ambitious

      Innovation is the soul of the company, permanent power of sustained development of the cause; Tell the truth, make concrete measures, do practical things, pursue efficient results;

      Respect your career, to  treat your occupation with devout heart ,see your career as a duty;

      What you think and what you do, act at once,absorb quickly  ,  change quickly, and then take rapid actions;

      Constant pursuit, pursue what customer pursue.

      Corporation value: To provide innovative technology products;

      Continue to enhance corporate value;

      Return  each partner.

      Management idea: Specialization, technological    innovation

      Standardization and sustainable development

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      Telephone: 0755-89501722
      Email: supports@dachengwei.com
      Address: Bantian City, Longgang District, snow on the technology of
      No. ten East Park, Kant's Industrial Park, building H, building No. 6
      URL: www.51ghd.com
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