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    2. Welcome to visit Shenzhen DCW Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

      Human resources

      Human resources

      Human resources

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      Human resources

        Sales manager

      1,Responsible for implementing the company’s marketing strategy,polices and plans.

      2,Responsible for market development,product marketing,organization and effectiveness assessment.

      3,Responsible for business contacts,consultation and the maintenance of relationship.

      4,College degree or above,major is not restricted,no restriction on gender ,fresh graduates are considered.

      5Have customer resources of law enforcement apparatus and police equipment is preferred

      6,Salary negotiable.

      Address:Six floor ,Building H,10th on the East side of Weikangde industrial Park , Shangxue Science Park  Bantian Street ,Longgang District of Shenzhen City.

      Contact person:Manager Li,15236208065/13827491336


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      Other products
      Body Worn Camera
      4G Body Worn Camera
      Collection station series
      Product matching accessories
      Integrated emergency HD surveillance ball
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      Contact us
      Telephone: 0755-89501722
      Email: supports@dachengwei.com
      Address: Bantian City, Longgang District, snow on the technology of
      No. ten East Park, Kant's Industrial Park, building H, building No. 6
      URL: www.51ghd.com
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